Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Want To Challenge Other Voice Over Artists. I’m Going For A Record!

So I love to travel and I love to do voice overs. So why not combine the two?
Last year I visited around 35 cities across the USA and around the world. This year I want to do 40. I also want to record voice overs in each of them and raise money for charity along the way.
So far I’ve managed to set up my microphone in Istanbul, Honolulu, Miami, San Jan, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Reno, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento and Fort Lauderdale, all in the past 6 months (since September 2012).
Voice Over Artist in Hawaii
Honolulu Hawaii. Amazing!
I’m going to donate 25% of anything I earn from voice overs to a homeless veterans organisation in New York City. If this really takes off I’ll donate another 25% to a charity in Sydney. I’d love other voice over artists to join me.

A bit about me as a voice over artist:

I’m an Australian male voice over artist from Sydney. Australia. I moved to New York City in 2007. I began representation in New York with the prestigious CESD for both my voice overs and TV Hosting work.
I’m also represented by EM Voices in Sydney. Alex Mathews is the head agent and one of the nicest, forward thinking voice talent agents I’ve ever met. She is fair and very professional.
So please bookmark my blog and check in with me throughout the year. I’ll be adding a lot of photos and tips on how I save money travelling.